Nine Holes with a Georgia Champion

Feb, 15 2023

Nine Holes with a Georgia Champion

Hole 1 - When did you start playing golf and what was the name of your first “home” course?

10 or so, Ansley Golf Club, Atlanta

Hole 2 - Who was your first golf mentor or golf instructor and what is the best tip you learned from him/her?

Art Kraft

Hole 3 - Who is your golf hero and have you ever met him/her? If so, what were the circumstances?

Jack Nicklaus, met and became friends on the PGA Tour

Hole 4 - How many holes-in-one? How many double eagles? Lowest 18-hole score?

12 holes-in-one, no double eagles, have shot 12 under par 60 twice

Hole 5 - Who is the best player you have ever played with and what do you remember most about that round?

Probably Greg Norman, beat him head to head to win the 1989 USF&G New Orleans Open

Hole 6 - Looking back, to make you a better player, please explain one different approach you would take regarding your practice, mental prep, course management, score?

The only thing I would change would be to release the putter during the through stroke.

Hole 7 - What has been your most embarrassing moment on a golf course that you are willing to share?

Splitting my pants.

Hole 8 - Suppose you were down to the last hole of your golf career, which hole would you want to play and why?

Any hole that would require both a great tee shot, as well as a great second shot.

Hole 9 - What is your most meaningful tournament win and why?

New Orleans 1989, or the 25 and Under World Championship in 1981 (editor note - Tournament was held in France and Tim won by 10 shots over Rafael Alarcon.

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