ChampionsGolf Courses/ClubsFlat Creek Club Flat Creek Club Men's Senior Club Championship


2022 John Landis
2021 Tim Slough
2020 Tim Slough
2019 Larry Saheim
2018 Billy Yerdon
2017 Jack Kearney
2016 John Landis
2015 Tim Slough
2014 Jack Kearney
2013 Gene Henderson
2012 Mike Pass
2011 Jack Kearney
2010 John Landis
2009 Jack Kearney
2007 Jack Kearney
2006 John Landis
2005 Howard Foster
2004 Ted Colbert
2003 Howard Foster
2002 Gene Henderson
2000 Steve Hale
1999 Howard Foster
1998 Ted Vallo
1997 Harold Elder
1996 Jim Bennett
1995 Curtis Wagner
1994 Harold Elder
1993 Doug Reynolds
1990 Gerald Patrie
1989 Jim Bennett

Honored to be endorsed by the Georgia State Golf Association.

“The GSGA applauds the efforts of Joey Kaney to highlight the wonderful accomplishments of so many golfers from around the state through his Mr. Stat website. More importantly, we appreciate Mr. Kaney’s interest and desire to preserve tournament results and records which showcase Georgia’s rich history in the game of golf.” ———-——-Matt Vanderpool - Chief Executive Officer - Georgia State Golf Association

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