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1979 Bill Bergin, Tommy Brannen View Top 10
1977 Bill Bergin, Griff Moody View Top 10
1976 Griff Moody View Top 10
1975 Robert Robb View Top 10
1974 Charles Harrison View Top 10
1973 James Mason View Top 10
1972 Curtis Wagner
1971 Charles "Boog" Layton, Mike Brelsford View Top 10
1971 Ed Sabo View Top 10
1970 Gary Koch View Top 10
1969 David Barnes View Top 10
1968 Hubert Green View Top 10
1967 Allen Kaminsky, Charles Harrison View Top 10
1966 Jerry Greenbaum View Top 10
1965 Tine W. Davis Jr. View Top 10
1964 Howell Fraser View Top 10
1964 Searching for Champion View Top 10
1949 William "Dynamite" Goodloe, Jack Key Jr View Top 10
1948 Gene Dahlbender Jr. View Top 10

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“The GSGA applauds the efforts of Joey Kaney to highlight the wonderful accomplishments of so many golfers from around the state through his Mr. Stat website. More importantly, we appreciate Mr. Kaney’s interest and desire to preserve tournament results and records which showcase Georgia’s rich history in the game of golf.” ———-——-Matt Vanderpool - Chief Executive Officer - Georgia State Golf Association

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