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Supporters of our Champions


2015 Buddy Stacy, Greg Whatley
2014 Chad Davis, Corbin Edwards
2013 Stephen Hall, Chris Carr
2012 Larry Harris, Tommy Fowler
2011 Mike Lott, Frank Webster
2010 Jim Burgess, Mark Barnes
2009 Chick Berry, Jim Carlson
2008 Chick Berry, Jim Carlson
2007 Drew Archer, Justin Bates
2006 Stacy Cochran, Mike Slocum Jr.
2005 Buddy Stacy, David Sellers
2004 Stacy Cochran, Chuck Pinkard
2003 Van Emberger, Rick Curtis
2002 DeWitt Proctor, Don Gadberry
2001 Jay Childs, Pat Burnette View Top 10
2000 Van Emberger, Rick Curtis View Top 10
1999 Greg Robinson, David Howard View Top 10
1998 Jay Childs, Pat Burnette View Top 10
1997 Chris Hall, Van Renick
1996 Jay Childs, Pat Burnette
1995 Hugh Arnold, David Howard
1994 Matt O'Brien, Glenn Vaughn
1993 Jay Childs, Tom Mastin
1992 Paul Reid, Pat Burnette View Top 10
1991 Red Dobbins, Rick Lasky
1990 Rick Lasky, Red Dobbins
1989 Terry Mobley, Marty Topper
1988 Ed Moore, Wayne Carey View Top 10
1987 Rock Hutcheson, Charlie King
1986 Scott Kennedy, John Bodin
1985 Jim Still, Dick Phillips View Top 10
1984 Billy Sullivan, Bill Spannuth
1983 Richard Brown, Andy Turpin View Top 10
1982 Matt O'Brien, Glenn Vaughn
1981 Dick Phillips, Jim Still
1980 Ed Moore, Pete Martin
1979 Ed Moore, Pete Martin
1978 Gene Dahlbender Jr., Wendell Couch
1977 Gene Dahlbender Jr., Wendell Couch
1976 Jim Becker, Rick Fuller
1975 Chick Berry, John Barnes
1974 Bill Eisman, Bob Bristow
1973 William Boykin, Mike Harmon
1972 Benny Sledge, Ed Moore
1971 Danny Brawner, Buford Jones
1970 Les Wilson, Dave Gibson
1969 Hank Wheat, Stan McKibbon
1968 Jerry Gilmartin, Bob Kiplinger View Top 10

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“The GSGA applauds the efforts of Joey Kaney to highlight the wonderful accomplishments of so many golfers from around the state through his Mr. Stat website. More importantly, we appreciate Mr. Kaney’s interest and desire to preserve tournament results and records which showcase Georgia’s rich history in the game of golf.” ———-——-Matt Vanderpool - Chief Executive Officer - Georgia State Golf Association

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