ChampionsMen's AmateurMen - Team Kennedy Dekle 4-Ball Championship

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2022 Ian Glanton, Jack Boltja, Clay Lanigan, Will Parker
2021 Daniel Kennedy, Phillip Kennedy
2020 Not held due to COVID-19
2019 Clay Lanigan, Will Parker
2018 Clay Lanigan, Will Parker
2017 Steve Collins, Colby Hook
2016 Matt Deal, Jonathan Shaw
2015 Jon David Kennedy, Jonathan Shaw
2014 Chase Brannen, Henry Thompson
2013 Steve Collins, Carter Collins
2012 Steve Collins, Carter Collins
2011 Steve Collins, Carter Collins
2010 Caleb Morris, Matt Deal
2009 John Skeadas II, John Skeadas III
2008 Glenn Cardell, Gavin Harper
2007 Wendell Akins, Sunny Youmans
2006 Bobby Crooms, Eric Smith
2005 Ralph Kuhn, Danny Nelson
2004 Anthony Pinckard, Henry Thompson
2003 Larry Riner, Kris Riner
2002 Anthony Pinckard, Lindsey Duffield
2001 Searching for Champion
2000 Ricky Conner, Joey McNeely
1999 Jeff Mell, Frank Paris III
1998 Mitch Marchman, Wade Marchman Jr.
1997 Mitch Marchman, Wade Marchman Jr.
1996 Ricky Conner, Lynn Morris
1995 Ken Powers, John Skeadas II
1994 Kelly Bouchillon, Clay Geriner
1993 D. L. Moyers, Kris Trapnell
1992 Glenn Cardell, Jeff Hook
1991 Gary Ramirez, Kris Trapnell
1990 Greg Gravitt, David Mulherin
1989 Glenn Cardell, Sunny Youmans
1988 Randy Anderson, Joey Kaney View Top 10
1987 Al Fortney, Al Jernigan
1986 Ricky Conner, Kris Trapnell
1985 Joe Sparks, Mike Whelchel
1984 Lewis "Bo" Hook, Jeff Hook
1983 Danny Kennedy, Urquitt Morris
1982 Benjie Williams, Stevie Williams
1981 Steve Dixon, Don Gillis
1980 Leon Cardell, Glenn Cardell
1979 Jimmy Eskew, Urquitt Morris
1978 Jimmy Eskew, Urquitt Morris

Honored to be endorsed by the Georgia State Golf Association.

“The GSGA applauds the efforts of Joey Kaney to highlight the wonderful accomplishments of so many golfers from around the state through his Mr. Stat website. More importantly, we appreciate Mr. Kaney’s interest and desire to preserve tournament results and records which showcase Georgia’s rich history in the game of golf.” ———-——-Matt Vanderpool - Chief Executive Officer - Georgia State Golf Association

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